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EVENTS:  Stick your neck out for World Giraffe Day on 21 June 2016 
Congratulations to our 3 #WorldGiraffeDay winners for their beautiful photos of giraffes. They have each won a freestanding bamboo giraffe sculpture. We'll be in touch shortly. Thank you to everyone for your entries and support for these beautiful animals. A big thank you to our very own local Giraffe In The City @Liezelonline for your support, it's much appreciated. To see all the fabulous entries we received on instagram, simply search #headondesign

If you would like to do more, please support the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) who work in the field daily to help secure the giraffes future in Africa.

For the months of June to Aug we are also working with an inspirational young boy, Hunter, with his campaign Raise The Baby Rhino with Hunter to raise orphan rhino, Osita at Aquila Game Reserve. With every sale of a Head On Design rhino product online or at the Watershed, we will donate to his cause.  Alternatively, you are welcome to make a donation to Hunter's cause. 

Our recently revamped, much larger store at the Watershed, V&A Waterfront is open daily from 10am - 6pm so please visit stand F058 for all your gift and interior decor requirements.

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Here are a few sculptures below: