Welcome to Head On Design! Please feel free to browse our SHOP in the menu and have a look at a wide range of décor sculptures, for your wall or as freestanding pieces. All sculptures are delivered flat-packed, with super easy instructions on how to assemble.

HEAD ON DESIGN is a design studio in Cape Town founded by Joanna Orr who has been creating wall-mounted African animal sculptures since 2010, all of which exude an Afro-chic elegance, as well as communicating an appreciation of our beautiful African wildlife without the need to hunt them for sport.

Most Head On Design products are made from recycled and sustainable materials such as X-board (a recycled board also called Xanita), and bamboo. Sculptures come flat-packed with clear instructions on how to assemble and/or hang.
Please note we don't carry stock of all our products. Read descriptions carefully to see which still need to be manufactured, and allow a wait of 2.5 weeks excluding your delivery time.

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Here are a few sculptures below: